My best friend, Ana

So I got up this morning, early, to go for a 2mi walk (-253). When I came home, I got right in the shower and spent the next 45 mins getting ready. While I was waiting to leave for the day I got hungry. I decided to eat something since I know my mom and I would be out. If we’re out, she’ll try to feed me. If she sees I ate, she’ll accept me not eating and I won’t be tempted. Win, win. I made oatmeal and added vanilla extract, cinnamon and blueberries. I calculated my intake (106) and almost cried. I ate 100 cals for breakfast! In the non ED world, that’s good, even a low. But for my ED brain, that’s out of control. Which for me is good. I want my brain back the way it was. For so long, I turned to food as a comfort. After gaining 30 lbs in 1 year, I’m finally coming home and making up with Ana. She’s going to be my beat friend again!